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We provide the packaging solutions you seek

We have created innovative solutions and promoted a sustainable business to provide integrated packaging services that respond to the special needs of our customers.


Circular Economy 

Using resources efficiently and protecting the environment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development are important to us, and we follow the principles of the Circular Economy to use resources as efficiently as possible. In designing our goods and services, we emphasize the reduction of resources while ensuring that our products remain durable. 


Small Lot Solutions

Our production capabilities allow us to both respond to the needs of companies with high or low demand for packaging. We have digital printing, which is a system that directly prints from the work data, skipping the conventional mold preparation and lessening the production time. Moreover, it can be printed on a variety of materials with vibrant colors. Digital printing is therefore capable of meeting the increasing demand for small lot and on-demand packaging.

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Convenience Solutions

Increasingly busy lifestyle drives consumers’ quest for convenience at every stage of shopping and brand engagement with products and services. Not only for consumers, the packaging we design also maximizes convenience for retailers by significantly reducing the
time needed to unpack and display merchandise.  

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Smart and Functional

Having more advanced features than general packaging, our smart packaging is specially developed using design, print and production technologies resulting in packaging that can be used for unique purpose other than simply holding or protecting products.  

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E-Commerce Solutions

We provide end-to-end services for e-commerce businesses, couriers, and SME online retailers. The solutions offer products in the standard size of postal package items along with essential protective materials. Moreover, we can offer customized packaging and serve small packaging quantities. Thanks to our plants located in numerous areas, we can ensure adequate supply to accommodate demand surges during your promotional campaigns.  

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Marketing Event Solutions

We offer marketing event solutions with a full range of services, from design, production and installation to the recycling of used items.  We create exhibition booth and items which entirely made of recycled paper. This paper exhibition booth is easy to assemble, disassemble and dispose of. Besides, we also provide exhibition services covering a vast array of materials in order to fulfill customers’ requirements and create the outstanding exhibition together with environmentally-friendly practices in mind. 

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