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Revolution for
the future of packaging

Getting to market faster, capturing more business opportunities  

Digital Printing
Solution for fast-moving business

Our digital printing technology ensures that we can respond to all of your requirements with no minimum order. Additionally, the printing process takes so little time that it turns to be your competitive advantage for the greater success over other competitors in the world of fast-moving business. Digital printing is used in a wide variety of market applications such as in-store display, movie display, and various kinds of packaging.

Benefits of Digital Printing​

  • Offer a fast response time, best fir with a rush order 

  • Direct print from digital-based files reduces process and time for plate making and machine setup

  • No minimum order. An order amount is upon customers' request

  • Customisable text and graphic for a specific individual purpose

Single-Pass Digital Printer

for Corrugated Box

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