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Alternative ecological packaging solutions
for global transportation

Transporting sustainable value throughout the supply chain

Sustainably enhance product
protection performance

The production process of packaging starts from packaging structure designing, proper grade of paper sourcing to box stack designing. Each process is carefully designed to offer the most effective space management with calculation through the internationally qualified CAPE Software. The software professionally simulates various forms of stacking in order to utilize as much available space as possible on the pallet to protect the products from any damage and to effectively reduce the transportation cost.

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Paper Pallet

The eco-friendly pallet is made from recycled corrugated paper with no fumigation process required in the production. A size of the pallet is customizable, with bearing capacity from 500 to 2,000 kg. The pallet is qualified with ISPM15 Compliance, a set of criteria that must be met when using any wood as packaging, including pallet, when shipping products internationally.

corrugated box.jpg

Corrugated Containers

Corrugated containers are used for the shipping and storage of a variety of items, popular in all industries for their strength, durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness. There are two main categories of corrugated containers based on the cutting technique applied, which are regular slotted containers (“RSC”) and die-cut containers.

Retail Ready Packaging.jpg

Retail Ready Packaging

A perfect mixture between SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging) and paper pallet. Products are packed in the packaging and then put on the pallet for transportation and once the pallet reaches its destination, the whole pallet can be directly moved from the containers to the point of purchase. The RRP’s ability to present the products itself helps reduce the time used in organizing retail shelves. 

big box 2.jpg

Big Box 

Big Box is designed to provide high stability and protection for product shipping in large or separated items. 


Honeycomb Board 

The hexagonal structure of board that resembles the shape of honeycomb allows the board to become stronger with more bearing capacity, making it a great material for paper pallet and other protective cushions. 

paper partition & cushion 4.jpg

Paper Cushion 

Paper cushion is an essential part of packaging for fragile or heavy products that require an extra protection during transportation. Paper cushion is a great eco-friendly alternative to such materials as wood, steel or plastic since it can be easily disposed.

paper partition.jpg

Paper Partition 

Paper partition is mainly used as a separator. It is also used to protect the product from transportation and storage damages.  

Conner Guard.jpg

Corner Guard

Corner guard is used as a corner protection of packaging caused by crashes or tight film wraps. 

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