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retail display packaging.jpg

Eye-catching packaging visual
helps capture sales opportunity

Creating product visibility, appealing to potential customers, and driving impulsive purchase

Maximize brand impact at
the point of purchase

Our decorative product display helps customers sell more. Made from corrugated paper, retail display packaging is suitable for any point of purchase on any occasion, making your products become more eye-catching and multi-functional. Another great benefit of this lightweight and recyclable display packaging is that it is so easy to be installed, removed and stored. 


A display with an innovative PopTech which is capable of self-installation within seconds and can be printed with the stunning colorful printing.

Shelf Ready Packaging_01_Hires.jpg

Shelf Ready Packaging

Products contained in Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) can be easily placed on a shelf without the need to be unpacked or repacked. The easily disposable SRP also allows optimization of shelf replenishment and enhances the product visibility. 

counter display.jpg

Counter Display

A small product display that can be instantly put on shelf. Counter display helps organize products and
make them instantly outstanding on shelf. 

Dump bin_01_Hires.jpg

Dump Bin

Another type of retail display which is bin-shaped and helps the products be easily spotted and draw in the customers. 



An offline advertising media that can be easily installed and put on the floor within seconds, presenting product or any sales promotion information aligned with brand’s marketing strategies.   

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