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Deliver value to
consumer with the
meaningful message 

Packaging as a communication tool that connects
the brand with the consumer

Create brand sensation and moments of
delight in packaging 

Consumers are now seeking for packaging that could solve their problems and make their life become easier. In response to those needs, our experienced team is working on packaging design with customer-centric mindset to help you find creative solutions to your consumer packaging needs, differentiate your brand from competitors, and grow your sales in the competitive marketplace.



A multi-pack is packaging that combines or holds multiple items together as one unit. It provides consumers with convenience transportation of products from store to home. Furthermore, brand owners use multi-pack packaging for marketing purposes, allowing brands to differentiate themselves over the competitors and drive more sales compared to sales of single item. 

Bag in Box.jpg

Bag in Box

Bag in Box is an innovative packaging designed for transportation of delicate beverages or liquid products. The BiB consists of a polyethylene bag with a tap inside a corrugated box, enabling consumers to pour the content into a glass or other containers with no need to finish the entire package in one go. Normally designed in box shape, BIB fits perfectly well in any fridge at home. Moreover, it is light, strong, and can be recycled easily. 

promotional packaging 6.jpg

Folding Carton

The flexibility of shape in combination with high quality print, we are able to create an eye-catching folding carton that makes your product stand out from the competitors, maximizes your brand impact and increases your sales through high brand visibility.  

promotional packaging 7.jpg

Promotional Packaging

Seasonal festivities bring special goods to town, and so do our packaging. We provide creative solutions tailored for your seasonal specialty with innovative structure designs and striking graphics. 

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