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Cat Peeping at Food Bowl

Safe Packaging for pet’s healthy lifestyle 

Primary packaging to take care of what your pets consume

High performance barrier packaging to deliver high quality pet food and pet care

Pets do need nutritious food and hygienic products just like humans in order to stay healthy as they grow, and we do understand the needs of pet parents to feed their pet children with quality products as premium as possible. With our polymer packaging in a variety of different forms, materials and customized barrier properties formulated to fit with each product inside, we guarantee that the quality of product will be well preserved throughout its whole journey from when it is produced to when it is consumed by pets. 

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Wet Pet Food

Dry Pet Food


Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouch makes efficient use of shelf space and offers significant cost savings in distribution because of its lightweight.


Gusseted Bag

Gusseted bag maximizes the storage capacity since it squares out after being filled. Moreover, it allows easy display vertically as well as horizontally, thus becomes leading option for shelf display.


Flat Bottom Pouch

Despite the lightweights of the objects, the packaging can be outstandingly and steadily placed on the shelves due to its stable base.


Pet Care

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