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Before the product gets into the hands of end consumer,  there are different packaging levels required in each process and the most important and complex packaging level is the primary packaging since it most closely touches the product. In order to fulfill all the packaging levels, we have also expanded our products to cover many types of plastic packaging which is commonly used as a primary packaging. Plastic packaging is produced with advanced technology based on core value of sustainability to make sure that the product is safely protected in our high-performance sustainable packaging.

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Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has various package formats. The flexible package can serve product filling requirements either solid or liquid forms and can be printed with different printing technologies i.e. Gravure, Flexo, or Offset to deliver the most attractive products.

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Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging can be manufactured in different formats. The standard formats are bottle, jar, and tube. Rigid packaging can be converted to a variety of forms for specific use e.g. electrical parts, automotive parts to serve different industries such as consumer goods, food and beverage, cosmetics and auto lubricant, and so on.

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Thermoform Packaging

Thermoformed packaging has barrier qualities that vary depending on its content. This enables them to be used for food contents with different fat and acid profiles. Higher and appropriate barrier qualities help maintain the color, quality, and taste of food.

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