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SCG Green Choice :
An Eco-Friendly Label

A Green Label for Sustainable Innovation :
Your Choice for the Earth

A label for consumers to 

choose wisely and sustainably

With the purpose of encouraging customers to acquire and utilize more environmentally friendly products and services, the ‘SCG Green Choice’ mark is introduced as a certification to assist customers in making a decision to purchase eco–friendly products and services that promote health and well–being.

Green Carton 
Corrugated Containers 

Green Carton can reduce resources usage in the production at least 25 g./sq.m. while maintaining the same level of its strength.



As a recyclable void filler inserts, Honeycomb Paperboard can reduce paper consumption at least 30% when compared to pressed cardboard.

*Compare at the same thickness of 30 mm.

G Flute

G Flute requires less paper used at least 135 g./sq.m. but provides the same strength as folding carton 500 g.

Paper Big Box

Paper Big Box for transportation helps reduce paper weight at least 30%, compared to conventional transportation boxes while remaining the same strength*

* Suitable for 1000 x 1200 mm. pallet size


Preprint is a printing process without pressuring on corrugated paper that can maintain corrugated board’s strength, resulting in a reduction of paper usage at least 25 g./sq.m.

SCG Exhibition1.jpg

Paper exhibition & lifestyle products for marketing activities and daily life usethat can be 100% recycled, leading to zero waste.

Paper Exhibition & Lifestyle Products

Retail Ready Packaging_01_Hires_forWeb.jpg

Retail Ready

Retail Ready Packaging is a packaging that helps reduce ergonomics risk in the process of arranging products on shelf from high to medium level, with at least 50% lower risk score on REBA* method as compared to normal working process.

*Rapid Entire Body Assessment: REBA

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